Inventory and assessment of European laws and policies

Inventory of policies and laws

EU migration law is characterized by periodic fluctuations between different interests, more or less formalization of la-making and different modes of governance.

The best interests of the child is gradually becoming a safeguard principle for the genuine enjoyment of the substance of children’s rights.

In 2022, the key feature of the CJEU’s case law on the free movement of persons remains the search for balance.

A differentiated reception of migrants characterises the year 2022, between those received by temporary protection and derogations from the fundamental rights of other migrants.

Unguaranteed rights, limits to rights and silences in case law on fundamental rights and migration.

In 2021, the CJEU will refine its case law on European migration law with numerous references to the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

The Covid-19 pandemic questions the delicate balance between sovereignties, public health needs and migrants fundamental rights in EU law.

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